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Making Good Progress

A lot has been happening over the summer to get Hut 14 refurbished. The first big job was to fit the new windows to replace the rotten, draughty, broken and patched units. This has made a HUGE difference, not only to the appearance of the hut, but also to its energy efficiency.

The front-facing brickwork has also enjoyed a transformation. It’s amazing what a difference a lick of paint makes. Although that somewhat trivialises the effort that went into it. The surface prep involved a whole lot of time-consuming (and DUSTY) scraping and grinding. Here’s a wee “before and after”.

Another important development is the arrival of broadband! Yes, we are now connected to the internet thanks to the good people of Bogons at the Cultybraggan bunker. The ultimate intention is for us and our neighbours to have a hard-wired link to the bunker’s super-duper high-speed broadband. However, that involves quite a bit of digging. For now, we have a microwave link which, last time I checked, is giving us wi-fi download speeds of around 25 Mbps and impressive upload speeds of nearly 70 Mbps! We plan to install a more powerful router for even faster wi-fi, and have run in cat 5 cable for direct connection.

This unassuming little item is the microwave receiver that is now delivering broadband to Hut 14

The room that will eventually be our bathroom started out as a pretty sorry affair. Dirty and dank, with flaking paint and a leaky roof. We’re now well on our way to a respectable comfort facility. Algae and moss killed off, decades-old paint scraped away, brickwork repaired and, to top it all off (literally), a brand new roof that actually keeps out the rain. Next steps are to insulate the roof, run in a water supply and connect to the sewage and waste-water lines.

Oh, and we’ve been getting a bit carried away with the whole branding thing. The doors used to be a vibrant shade of cerise pink, which I’m sure was great for a pole-dancing studio (which this used to be), but not exactly in keeping with the Comrie Workspace CI. So, guess what, they have a new colour scheme …

The main office space had become quite a guddle, with all the dust generated, not to mention the building supplies and decorating equipment lying all over the place. But with the mess-generating work just about finished, we’ve now begun the process of clearing out the space in preparation for the furniture. We’re looking forward to see it starting to look like a proper workspace over the next week or two.

More soon …